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Mission / Activities 
Hans-Peter Fallmann, CEO

Over the years I have built up my special "AFRICAN NETWORK". I feel myself committed to this continent. It is much more than a business connection. 

I have many friends all over Africa and yes I thank God that I am not only focused on business matters but also on the need of the people in Africa. It definitely needs much more jobs in Africa and it is an issue I try to support in form of individual projects.

Europe has to wake up. It needs much more direct investments in Africa.

It will be a longer way and a big effort for both sides but I am sure there is no alternative. At the end, if this path will be taken together in a respectful way,  both - Africa and Europe will be winners.


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Brussels, November 2019 -  SME Meeting


Mr. Lukas Mandl - Member of the EU Parliament invited me to Brussels to talk about  problems  in dealings with Africa and possible solutions.   

It was my chance to introduce the idea of an AFRICAN TRADING HOUSE.

8 people of the Ghanaian Parliament where among the participants and also Mr. Joseph Agyepong from the very big Jospong group in Accra.

Project Opéra-Terre-dOrage "Magic Flute"

Isabelle Kabatu is an belgum opera singer with international performances on the greatest stages of the world.  She is originally from the Republic of Congo. Together with José van Dam she is working on a very special project.

The idea is to give young talents from the DR Congo a chance for an opera performance. After a scouting process she is training these talents in form of workshops. End of June 2021 they have their great day and will perform  Mozart's Magic Flute in Kinshasa.  Fussenegger and are sponsoring this project by supplying the fabric for more than 120 costumes for the artists.                           

Look at beautiful Isabelle wearing  BAZINE riche IMPERIAL DIAMOND from Fussenegger!


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WEF Davos, February 2020 - Arabien Night 


Great Meeting !

We were invited by our friend Queen Diambi.

Her Royal Highness Queen Diambi Kabatusuila Tshiyoyo Muata from the Kasai people in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

She is really a worldwide networker and fighter for the interest of the African people and especially for her Kasai people. 

Founder of ELIKA (Hope Foundation)

Member of Board of GBO Global Blockchain Organization 

Member of African Development Organization



Introduction of my African Tradinghouse concept at  Sarkin Kano with Alhaji Shehu Muhammad on behalf of the Emir of Kano . 

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