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Project Management

We develop projects together with you:
Textile projects
Trading projects
Distribution projects
Our history is working for many years in the textile trade. We are developing fabrics for the fashion industry in Europe but have also experience in CI fabrics.
Since 3 years we have a special cooperation with Fussenegger Textil in Dornbirn in Austria.
Together with Fussenegger we are distributing Imperial Diamond on various markets in Africa. Meanwhile we have established this Premium Brocade on the most important markets in Africa but trying now to cover all markets and to expand within already existing markets.
Besides this textile business we also do individual projects on demand.  Trading projects, distribution projects or even projects for the retail.

Our expertise

Technical knowledge:

We have own technicians and looking back to a very long experience in developing fabrics.

Sourcing knowledge:

We have a worldwide net of suppliers with whom we have close contacts.

Trading / Export / Logistic knowledge

We are familiar with these skills for many years.

Project management:

This knowledge comes from re-organisation projects in bigger companies and from new ideas for trading solutions for Africa.

Our team is focused on individual solutions according to the demand of the market and our clients.




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